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Can Kneeling Chairs Relieve you of your Back Pain?

kneeling chair with woman sittingIf you are person suffering from back pain, then you would have surely come across a kneeling chair, also known as ergonomic knee stools, as an option to provide some possible relief. Here are some facts about kneeling chairs that will help you make the decision of whether to invest in them or not.

This kind of chair is very different from normal chairs, the primary difference being the absence of a backrest. It is designed in such a way so as to have some part of the weight supported by your shins and thighs which are at an angle of 60 degrees rather than 90 degrees to the ground.

You will be sitting in a position where your hips are flared, naturally putting you in a more upright position. This ergonomics is said to be based on texts and images found in Buddhist books.

One important thing to note here is that you can only be using these chairs for forward facing tasks. Now, that may seem like a limitation on first thought, but it is not often that you will be doing tasks backwards while sitting on a chair.

There are a number of best kneeling chair reports that have reported a decrease in pain for people who have chronic pain after using these chairs for a period of time and immediate relief while using it on a daily basis as compared to other chairs.

There is some science to back that claim as the weight being shifted away from the buttocks will help relieve coccyx and tailbone pain.

The trick is try out these chairs before you buy them as not all people can get adjusted to them. Some people have found that there lower backs are simply not up to the rigors of proper posture and end up feeling more tired.
You should definitely try a kneeling chair from Modeets Ergonomics and see if it makes you more comfortable as the concept seems to be based on sound science and reasoning.

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Next Project: Kneeling Chairs

posture stool

This chair saved my brothers nerdy back

The first time I set my eyes on a kneeling chair was when I went to my little brother’s college dorm at Rutgers.  At first glance, my reaction was to say “what the heck is that?” but I was intrigued.  It was weird and of course I loved it.

I asked him what it was all about.  Well you see, my brother, he’s sort of what we like to call a insane, crazy, addicted, hardcore GAMER.  He’s played World of Warcraft since he was 15 and he’s spent countless hours regaling me with the epic adventures hes had fighting dragons with his ‘guild’.  Its quite cute and in another life time when my nerdiness is reincarnated at a higher level, I might give it a shot.  However, I’m digressing. The significance of him being a gamer is: he sits down a lot.

My broseph has the back problems of an 80 year old.  It sucks and it makes me sad, but it is what it is.  He claims that this kneeling chair helps him with his back pain and its actually getting a lot better.  I was so happy to hear this and of course my curiosity perked up since this is exactly in my line of work.  If the yoga ball chair thing isn’t a hit with my coworkers, I’ll have this as a backup plan.

Kneeling Chair Research Reveals….

So in my custom form I started my research.  I began on the web (well who goes to the library these days anyways) and started looking up the benefits of these knee stools.  They are adapted from old meditation practices from Buddhist monks.  They sit in the same position with the knees forward and the upper body completely upright. Apparently they’re able to sit in this position for hours at a time in meditation without taking breaks.  This sounded amazing. I can’t sit for 1 hour in my fancy shmancy ergonomic chair without taking a break.

The reason that they work is because of the angle of the seat.  There’s these muscles at the front of the hips called the hip flexors. They are attached to the lower back, so when they have issues, the back has issues.  In a kneeling chair, the angle between the upper and lower body is expanded, so these muscles actually get to stretch out rather than contract. In my yoga classes, I’ve noticed this as well.  We do a variation of postures called hip openers, usually involving lunges and poses like that.  Whenever we do this, for some reason my back starts to feel better.  It was all starting to click.

Also, like the ball chair, there is no back.  So the body is forced to sit upright in good posture.  This develops the core muscles and trains the body to use good ergonomics. I’m beginning to like this new paradigm for ergonomics.  It’s clear that education isn’t helping us mind our ergonomic P’s and Q’s, so lets boot camp ourselves and force it to happen.  Hey, it works.

Some users of kneeling chairs complain that it hurts their shins.  Especially at first. I can believe this.  It looks awkward. What most authority ergonomic review sites have said is to get one with adjustable features, such as the seat height, angle, etc, which will help with the pressure places on the shins.

So whats the verdict?  I’m putting in an expense request with my boss to test this out for myself.  My boss is awesome so I’ll probably get it.  And I’ll let you know my person experience with kneeling posture chairs.

Thanks for reading as always. -Kaitlyn

Listen to British Accent Explain this Chair:

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Spiffing Up the Office With Yoga Ball Chairs

gaiam balance seat

10 of these babies are on the way!

For my first post, I’d like to talk about yoga ball chairs from http://fitseats.com/, my latest project as I migrate from a secretary to an HR position in my company. Ever since about June last year, I’ve been approached by many of my co-workers requesting to upgrade our office chairs with yoga ball office chairs.

I work at an software engineering firm. The engineers here work HARD.  I doubt anyone works just 40 hours a week.  Some people even pull all nighters.  At least one person per week goes out on sick leave because of a back pain problem. So I set to finding a solution.  Common sense and education told me that the answer lied in ergonomics, so I decided to finally look into these ball chairs.

The first thing that I noticed when I was doing my research is that these seats improve posture without an effort from the person sitting on it.  How does that work?  Well, there is no back rest, so your body simply has to keep yourself upright vertically, or you’re gonna plop over on the ground.  Why is this good?  We’ve had at least 2 ergonomic seminars since I started this job in 2012.  Guess how many people I notice sitting properly when I walk through the office?  On a great day, maybe one or two.

My co-workers, and myself included, find ourselves getting easily distracted under the workload.  It’s hard to remember to keep a perfect ergo-awesome back all day.  Let me rephrase, its impossible.

Looking online, I stumbled upon a ergonomic chair review site: http://fitseats.com/best-ball-chair-reviews/.  They have a review on the best yoga chairs and rank them based on various factors.  I was surprised to find out that these things are super-affordable.  If you work in a corporation, you’ve probably already realized that all office supplies, desks, etc are super overpriced.  I got the OK to purchase 10 of these as a trial run.  Those who are interested can swap their normal task seats for once of these beauties.

They arrive next week.  Stay tuned! Lets see how it goes.

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